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11. Contract for Mediation Services

We are requesting services from Jordana Wolfson, LMSW in order to resolve issues within our marital estate in an effort to work out the terms and conditions under which we shall be divorced. We acknowledge and agree to the following conditions of this mediation:

  1. We know that mediation is voluntary. Either of us may choose to end it at any time.
  2. We understand the mediator is not acting as an attorney or a mental health professional and is not representing or treating either or both of us as such.
  3. We will disclose all of our financial worth, tax returns, debts and assets during the mediation sessions. We may each use professionals as advisers, but each of us accepts full responsibility for the reasonable accuracy of these figures, and all associated costs shall be the responsibility of the respective parties.
  4. We understand that the mediator cannot impose any decision upon us.
  5. We agree that everything that is said during a mediation session is confidential and neither of us shall use what is said against the other in any pending or subsequent litigation.
  6. We understand that either of us may seek professional financial, legal or other advice at any time during the mediation, and all associated costs shall be the responsibility of the respective parties.
  7. At the conclusion of our mediation sessions, the mediator will prepare a written Memorandum of Understanding, setting forth our agreement. We will each receive an original of this document.
  8. We understand that each of us may have separate, independent legal counsel review the Memorandum of Understanding before proceeding with our divorce hearing, and all associated costs shall be the responsibility of the respective parties.
  9. The mediator and any other employees of Co-Parenting Solutions, LLC will not disclose any information concerning us to any third party without prior consent from both of us.
  10. Mediation Fees:
    • We understand that mediation services are based on a per session hour fee of $180 and that payment is due at the time of each session. We agree to pay the fee of $180 for any session we book, unless we cancel the session at least twenty-four hours in advance. If we do not attend a session we book, we will pay the session fee of $180 within three days of the session, after which we agree that we will be charged interest, and any costs of collection.
    • Other fees may be charged in addition to the mediation session. These fees are charged at the same hourly rate as above and include time spent on
      • Consultation by the mediator with other professionals
      • Telephone conversations in excess of five minutes
      • Travel time and expenses, if relevant
    • We understand that the preparation of a full Memorandum of Understanding, including a Parenting Time Agreement is $1,000 and the charge for a Parenting Time Agreement only is $400  We understand that we will each receive an original of the document(s) at our last session.

By signing below, we each acknowledge that we have read and understand the conditions of this mediation contract, and have all of our questions answered before signing.

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Revised 12/2019

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Signed by Jordana Wolfson
Signed On: February 25, 2022

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